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A new poll shows Joe Biden holding a strong lead in South Carolina ahead of its Democratic presidential primary, with black voters sticking with him. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
By Saturday night, we will know if South Carolina is the firewall that ex-Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party establishment needed to prevent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution from consuming the party in an uncontrollable conflagration. Biden needs the Palmetto State to be a firestorm that sucks the oxygen out... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Black are being used - foolish.
This week’s stock-market plunge amid mounting fears of a global economic slowdown triggered by the coronavirus couldn’t come at a more crucial time in New York state’s budget-making process. On Albany’s truncated budget calendar, this is the week Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers are supposed to reach “consensus” on a revenue estimate for the state... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Crazy!


Team members were not properly trained, lacked necessary gear and moved freely around and off military bases where Americans were quarantined, a complaint says. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Phony news.
The Democratic nomination could be wrapped up next month. That is too soon to select any candidate. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The Dem fools are taking down the House and Senate.
Port authorities in the Dominican Republic on Thursday turned away a cruise ship on a tour of the Caribbean and Central America over fears some passengers might have the coronavirus. Rueters
VOA VIEW: Smart move.
ICE agents are drawing criticism for detaining parents, although officials say they are primarily targeting undocumented adults with criminal records.        USA Today
Fracking is a dirty word as far as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is concerned, but those in the oil-and-gas industry warn that life without hydraulic fracturing would be far grubbier. The American Petroleum Institute drilled down this week on rising Democratic calls to ban fracking on private and public lands, releasing ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems have no real idea that is achievable.
A federal judge in Seattle subtracted nearly $90 million from President Trump's border wall plans after ruling Thursday that his emergency declaration and siphoning of money from the Pentagon was illegal. Washington state had challenged Mr. Trump's move, and pointed to a $88.96 million project in the state that was ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Another madness.


Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Bernard Sanders on Thursday accused President Trump of botching the response to the coronavirus outbreak, calling it "inadequate, misleading and dangerous." Mr. Sanders said every step taken by Mr. Trump was wrong and offered his prescription to fend off the potentially deadly virus. Mr. Sanders said ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Sanders sounds and looks like a madman.
President Trump hailed the achievements of African-Americans Thursday at a White House ceremony marking Black History Month, saying blacks have enriched U.S. culture, deepened America's faith and "raised up our conscience." "In every field, every generation, and every calling, African-Americans have lifted up our nation to new heights — and, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Yet, the Dems call Trump a racist.
People with domestic violence convictions will soon be banned from carrying a concealed gun in St. Louis County, Missouri. ABC
VOA VIEW: There no preventive posture.
The announcement that Vice President Mike Pence will lead the response to coronavirus has raised questions around his handling of an HIV epidemic while Indiana Governor. ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems are pushing negativism.

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1 in 10 is severely obese, government researchers said. ABC
Russia set a date for a vote that could extend Putin's rule in the country. ABC
VOA VIEW: Putin is trying to be like Xi of China.
The government will cease providing security for the couple who are stepping down as senior royals. BBC
VOA VIEW: As they should.


Coronavirus masks are expensive, they only last a few hours – and they may not even help. CBS
VOA VIEW: Good to know.
"I know you" may be one of Klobuchar's signature lines, but a number of South Carolinians aren't feeling the same way about her in the runup to the state's primary on Saturday. CBS
VOA VIEW: Get out.
The Dow's worst point loss in history put it into correction territory, which is defined as a 10% decline from a recent high. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bad news, but most only for the wealthy.
Bed Bath & Beyond is cutting about 500 jobs, or 10% of its corporate workforce, as part of a larger restructuring plan in a bid to trim expenses, the retailer announced Thursday. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Getting lean is good business.
A U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft was lased by a People’s Republic of China (PRC) Navy destroyer 161 on Feb. 17, while flying above international waters, according to the Pacific Fleet. FOX News
VOA VIEW: China better watch what they do.

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Arizona's most populous county on Wednesday joined a growing national movement in the support of gun ownership rights, declaring itself a “Second Amendment Preservation County.” FOX News
VOA VIEW: More should follow the example.
President Donald Trump's administration is considering invoking special powers through a law called the Defense Production Act to rapidly expand domestic manufacturing of protective masks and clothing to combat the coronavirus in the United States, two U.S. officials told Reuters. Reuters
Seemingly every four years, political pundits speculate about a "brokered" U.S. presidential convention - only to see a nominee selected with little or no drama. But that may not be the case in 2020. Reuters

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Facebook Inc will provide a way for people to track political sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram ahead of the U.S. presidential election, it said on Thursday. Reuters

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February 28, 2020

     A total billionaire fool.  Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg takes credit for leading New York “through” the 9/11 attacks in a campaign ad. But there’s one problem: He didn’t become mayor until four months later. Touting his leadership chops, the billionaire released a 30-second video including the claim.

     “I led a complex, diverse city through 9/11 and I have common-sense plans to move America away from the chaos to progress,” But Rudy Giuliani was mayor during the attacks, and he didn’t hand Bloomberg the keys to Gracie Mansion until Jan. 1, 2002.

     The businessman has so far poured $500 million of his $62 billion personal fortune into his campaign, including flooding the airwaves with campaign ads. Bloomberg served three terms as mayor — twice as a Republican and once as an independent. He was praised for leading the rebuilding of a decimated Lower Manhattan in the decade after the attack, but was considered wooden when it came to connecting with victims’ families compared to his predecessor, Giuliani.